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Both you and your smile are unique. Shouldn’t your orthodontic treatment be unique as well? At Johnston Orthodontics, we have moved well beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of prescribing traditional metal braces for every patient. Instead, we ensure each patient can access the appliances that meet their wants and needs.


These are most similar to what most people imagine when they think of braces. However, they are much improved over earlier designs. Made of high-grade metal alloys, they are smaller and more effective than ever before. We can add colored elastics to give them some extra flair.


Ceramic braces are a great way to correct problems that would benefit from metal braces without having to sacrifice your aesthetic. Made from clear materials that blend in with the teeth, they are excellent for those in professional settings or those who are image-conscious.

Clear Aligners

Invisible orthodontic treatment may seem impossible, but with clear aligners, it is possible from such companies as Invisalign® or 3M. These systems use a series of invisible, removable, comfortable aligners that place pressure on the teeth instead of using wires. And since they are removable, you get to eat the foods you love and keep brushing and flossing as you always have.


By the age of seven, most children have enough of their permanent teeth that their bite can be accurately evaluated. Early diagnosis and treatment of severe orthodontic abnormalities can help avoid later, more complex treatment. From regulating the arches’ width to making room for permanent teeth and reducing protrusion, there is a lot Dr. Johnston can accomplish through early treatment.


We treat patients of all ages, with many of our patients between the ages of 10 and 15. Teens in this age range have most, or all, of their permanent teeth, making it easy to see any irregularities. And since many of their peers are also in treatment, there are fewer negative associations with wearing braces.


Did you think orthodontic treatment was just for kids? Think again! About a fifth of all orthodontic patients are over the age of 21. If there is something you want to correct about your smile, Johnston Orthodontics can help. While adult treatment can present with unique challenges, our team will customize a plan to ensure you get the results you want from treatment that works for you.