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At Johnston Orthodontics, we evaluate the personal needs of each patient to match them to the correct appliance. Dr. Johnston takes into account the patient’s lifestyle, cosmetic goals, diagnosis, budget, and time when recommending the appliance that will be the best fit.


Metal braces are the oldest and most recognized orthodontic appliance. However, you will be excited to learn that today’s metal braces are new and improved. The modern version of metal braces are made of high-grade metal alloys, are more modest, and effective than you ever imagined. This appliance can be personalized by adding colored elastics.


Ceramic braces are an aesthetic alternative to metal braces, they work the same way with the same level of effectiveness. The difference is that ceramic braces are made from clear materials that blend right into the teeth. These braces are recommended for patients who are seeking a more discreet yet effective orthodontic appliance.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer a virtually invisible alternative to braces. This system uses a series of aligners to move your teeth into the correct positions. Aligners have many advantages such as being removable, invisible, and comfortable. This appliance fits into any style because you can remove the appliance to enjoy the foods you crave and to continue your brushing and flossing routine.


Age seven is typically the recommended time to see an orthodontist for the first time. At this age, most children have erupted enough of their permanent teeth to allow for an accurate diagnosis. Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment at a young age allow the patient to avoid more complex procedures later in life because jaw growth can be guided at this stage of development.


Teens represent a large part of our patient base and include ages of 10 to 15 years. Patients typically have most or all of their permanent teeth, this makes it easy to spot any issues. This age group is a great age to get braces because many of your peers will be wearing braces during this period of time.


Adult orthodontic patients are the fastest-growing segment and for good reason. It is never too late to correct the cosmetic and functional aspects of your smile. Our Johnston Orthodontics team is ready to design and execute a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.